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18"Treasure Chest Kits
(See Below)
Kit Instructions

Treasure Chest Kits

Kit Instructions

Large Pirate

Medium Pirate


Caribbean Pirate15"

(but it is Assembled)





Horse Urns
w/wo Straps & Buckles
Please call to order.

15" Pistol Box

Jewelry Box w/Straps and Buckles

Wedding Chest (We have one of these left but without the slot.)
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Large 18" Treasure Chest Kits 

See below for many options and instructions that will show you
how easy it is to put one of our kits together.

Make this Unfinished Chest with one of our Kits and decorate yourself.
18" long x 12" tall x 11"deep
(Feet, Latch and Nameplate are options .)


in stock

Some of our Options

HideAway False Bottom



Unfinished or Finished Tray



Leather Trim

Leather Trim Includes Sides and Handles


Antique Brass Latch



Colored Trim



Buckles & Snaps

Leather Straps w/Buckles for the 18" Chest


Black Pirate Lock w/Hasp



Rusty Pirate Lock w/Hasp



Brass Handles

Brass Handles


Small Wooden Tray

(2 of these will fit into the 18" Kit)




Wooden Feet
(you will need to purchase a square drive tool locally to use these screws)



Brass Heart Lock

Heart Lock (1-1/4" x1 -1/4")


Rope Handles

Rope Handles
(Chest not included)


See this link for the Instructions and to see how easy these pre-cut kits go together.



This 18" Kit will make an 18" x 12" x 11" chest or if you're not inclined to build one yourself, please click on Pirate Chests here or above.

To order a smaller 15" wide, 9" tall Caribbean Treasure Chest Kit please see above or click here.

The Pirate Chest and Treasure Chest Kits will come with brass plated screw nails for strength, brass plated tacks, hinges and screws and a chain that will act as a lid holder, and the pre-cut wood pieces and Easy to Follow Instructions on how to put it all together.

The easy to follow Instructions will help you complete your Pirate or Treasure Chest Kit in less than an hour at the kitchen table. All you will need is a hammer, screw driver, maybe a small drill, sandpaper and some glue.

The finished chest will measure 18" long x 12" tall x 11"deep and weighs about 15# and is made of cabinet grade wood, pre-cut and drilled (for options). All of our products are made by our friends in the Amish Community here in Central Ohio.

You can purchase options like the Leather Trim Kit, Pirate Locks, Heart Locks, Buckles and Snaps, Wooden Trays and Latches and Solid Brass Custom Name Plates shown on our options page.

Using our kits you can make a Pirate Treasure Chest, Treasure Chest, an Unfinished Chest that you can paint or stain, a Wedding Card Money Drop Box, a Wedding Shower Gift, a Baby Shower Keepsake Box or a Baby Shower Gift Box, Navy Retirement Chest, a Chief Petty Officer Cover Chest, Marine Corp Retirement Chest or a Faith Legacy Chest.

Shipping: Other Options that you order may fit into the same shipping carton along with the Kit for the same price as one Kit or Chest. We will refund the extra shipping cost through PayPal to your email address.

If you have time and would like to see if a better rate is available for the shipping, other than this website cart can offer, please call us and we can use your zip code and the weight of the package to determine the actual shipping costs to your shipping address. 740-358-9098

Don't forget the Pirate Locks.

We also have a Chest Kit for Bear Scouts, Wolf Cub and Boy Scout Wood Chest Kits

If you are ordering more than (1) kit you will need to call or email us to get the correct shipping cost for your area. We will pack (3) in a carton to save you money but we cannot process the order unless you call or email us first.

For orders 50 and larger we can provide the name of a trusted trucking service that we can help coordinate for you.

Please call us at 740-358-9098 to receive special shipping pricing and coordination.

Wholesale and ReSale orders are welcome. Call us. 740-358-9098

18" Unfinished Treasure Chest


18" Pirate Chest w/Solid Brass Buckles and Snaps

Horse Tack Box 24" x 17" x 16"
 w/2" Leather Straps & Snaps, Pirate Lock

American Doll Chest Kit


Tack Box 24" #2

Sorry not available until after the 1st of the year. 



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  Build your own American Doll Chest with our Kit.

Made Baltic Birch and White Pine.
Comes with all the hardware that you will need to build your own. (hinges, screws, nails, tacks and lid chain)
Easy to follow instructions. Instructions



18" Pirate Treasure Chest w/ HideAway Kit

18" Pirate Treasure Chest w/ Tray

18" Baby Shower Gift Box

Cinderella w/Blue Trim and Decal

The photos above show what you can make from our kits.